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MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

2 Years

MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) is designed to fulfill the industrial demand, and requirement of logistics professionals in India and abroad. It provides learners with access to leading–edge thinking and best practices in logistics and supply chain management sector. With industry accepted curriculum, training and internship, students can build necessary skills and competencies which companies need to put the right products at the right place at the right time.

Planning and managing the movement of goods and raw materials for a company in an efficient way is a vital part of a business. By doing a supply chain management course you will be assisting your company in making its logistics operations as efficient as possible. Because of the dynamic way in which the modern business world operates, it is very important that a business operates as effectively as possible and its logistics is one of the places it can gain a lot. There are numerous opportunities and carriers path in logistic industry.


Total Fees : 1,75,000/-
Prospectus & Registration : 500/-
Admission Fee : 18,000/-
PTA Fund : 2,000/-
Caution Deposit : 5,000/-
1st Year
University fee / Coaching fee : 75,000/-
(3 equal installments of 25,000/-)
2nd Year
University fee / Coaching fee : 75,000/-
(3 equal installments of 25,000/-)
Total fees to be remitted at the time of admission : 50,000/-

First Year

Paper No: Name of the Subject
1.1 Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour
1.2 Managerial Economics
1.3 Accounting and Finance for Managers
1.4 Marketing Management
1.5 Human Resource Management
1.6 Quantitative Techniques for Management
1.7 Research Methods for Management
1.8 Corporate Communication
1.9 Operations Management

Second Year

Paper No: Name of the Subject
2.1 Hospitality Management
2.2 Tourism Planning and Marketing
2.3 Service Marketing
2.4 International Hospitality Law
2.5 International Tourism Management
2.6 Tourism Business Environment
2.7 Tourism Products
2.8 Business Environment and Ethics
2.9 Strategic Management