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  • Prof. Joy C George

Qualitative improvement in the sphere of higher education in Kerala is the need of the hour. Creation of mere post graduates or graduates makes no use for the country. Educational institutions have to aim at excellence in the field of education. Higher educational institutions are to be innovative and creative in its approach. They are to be centres where a new value system is inculcated among students. Student should imbibe values related with social, cultural and environmental realities. They have to develop among themselves a quest for excellence. The physical and cultural ambience of educational institutions have to play a major role in this.

For nearly two decades, IIMS has stood as a shining beacon spreading the light of culture and fellow feeling to those around it. My only prayer is that this light may burn brighter in the years to come. IIMS aims at building up a better society through imparting value based qualitative education to our students. The management of IIMS has provided all facilities for the educational progress and individual development of the students. The students have to set their minds to achieve greater goals by properly utilising the educational facilities and peaceful atmosphere available at IIMS. We aim at making this Institute a confluence of culture, calibre and care so that all students should feel that they are all members of a single family, supported by the pillars of love, harmony and truth.

IIMS welcomes the knowledge seeking youngsters to be a part of this institution and enable themselves to be well equipped to face life with increased confidence, sense of independence and intellectual potential.

Prof. Joy C George
- Principal



Former Chief Minister

S. ashok Kumar

Managing Director

Prof. Joy C George