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2 Years

The Master of Business Administration degree corresponds to a post graduate management degree which treats all essential management function .Finance is one of the most popular specializations recognized by accredited agencies. An MBA in Finance offers benefits to working professionals in a variety of industries.

This program provides foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy and marketing. Students pursuing MBA in Finances can sometimes gain experiences with some of world's most successful companies through internship programs. Earning an MBA in Finance give you the opportunity to earn higher salaries and qualify for advanced positions.


Total Fees : 1,75,000/-
Prospectus & Registration : 500/-
Admission Fee : 18,000/-
PTA Fund : 2,000/-
Caution Deposit : 5,000/-
1st Year
University fee / Coaching fee : 75,000/-
(3 equal installments of 25,000/-)
2nd Year
University fee / Coaching fee : 75,000/-
(3 equal installments of 25,000/-)
Total fees to be remitted at the time of admission : 50,000/-

First Year

Paper No: Name of the Subject
1.1 Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour
1.2 Managerial Economics
1.3 Accounting and Finance for Managers
1.4 Marketing Management
1.5 Human Resource Management
1.6 Quantitative Techniques for Management
1.7 Research Methods for Management

Second Year

Paper No: Name of the Subject
2.1 Indian Capital Market and Financial System
2.2 Management of Financial Services
2.3 Capital Budgeting and Financial decisions
2.4 Working Capital Management
2.5 Risk Management and Insurance
2.6 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
2.7 International Financial Management
2.8 Project Work