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General Informations

general information


Application form is to be properly filled and should be sent along with the registration fee of Rs.500/- by DD/MO in favour of the Administrator/Principal, IIMS, Manikandan Building, Alapatt Road, Ravipuram, Kochi-16. The registration fee will not be refunded even if ADMISSION IS NOT GRANTED.

Submission of application does not guarantee admission to IIMS. Admission will be confirmed only after verification of certificates, Entrance Test (if necessary), Personal Interview and remittance of the first instalment of fees.

No student will be admitted to the Institute unless his/her application for admission is duly countersigned by parent/guardian.

Before enrolment each student and his/her parents/guardian should read and agree with the terms and conditions of admission. They are to note that signing the Enrolment Form is binding as an Agreement between the Institute and the student/parent/guardian, which cannot be disputed under any condition, for a refund of the fees paid or for any other cause. After payment of admission fee and other fees required, students will be informed of the opening date. Students should compulsorily report on the opening date itself.

Caution deposit should be paid at the time of the admission. It is not refundable.

Lab fee should be paid at the time of admission.

On admission every student will be supplied with an identity card to be carried always while he/she is in the campus and presented for inspection when demanded. Loss of the card should be reported immediately to the Principal who may issue a new card on payment of the prescribed fee.


• All fee/fines should be paid in time, notified by the principal.
• Fees should be paid only at the office cash counter and receipt should be collected immediately.
• Those who fail to pay tuition fees on the stipulated date, will have to pay a fine of Rs.50/- on the second date for payment and Rs.100/- on the third date scheduled in the calendar.
• Fee once paid in full or in part for a course will under no circumstances be refunded or adjusted to any other course or person.


All the students admitted to IIMS will have to wear the prescribed uniform (details available from Office) on all specified days. It is compulsory to wear full uniform on all days from Monday to Friday, and failing to do so would be considered as a demerit.