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Diploma in Professional Cookery

1 Years

The Indian Institute of Management Studies offers young men with a desire for handsome pay packers, a 12 months special training in food production. With eight months of intensive practical training and four months as apprentice in a first class hotel, the training will equip you for a career as a Chef in star hotels, flight catering units, mercantile ships, passenger ships, army navy and air force establishments. The salary offered could exceed a five figure amount.

The following subjects are offered for the Diploma in Professional Cookery.


(1) Intruduction to Professional Cookery, (2) Basic Cookery Principals (3) Cookery Methods (4) Appetizers, Salads, Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Fish, Meat, Cheese, Sandwiches, etc.

Practical classes for Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental cuisine, including desserts & bakery products are held under the direct supervision of experienced staff. Theory classes will be held for all subjects along with the practical classes.


We will be looking for bright students with a desire to please people and an ambition to reach for the stars. You can apply if you have completed 10th Std.


3 cotton white shirts with long sleeves in classical style, 3 pairs of long black trousers, black tie and a pair of black shoes and black socks.


As part of the course, the institute will arrange Industrial Training & Placement for the students in leading hotels in India based on their overall performance and behaviour, in interviews and internal assessments.